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Testimonials of LogicalDOC

Testimonials of LogicalDOC

LogicalDOC es un software moderno basado en estándares abiertos que admite procesos comerciales orientados a documentos. Con la confiabilidad y ligereza que exige TI y la facilidad de uso que aman los usuarios, la tecnología de LogicalDOC permite a las organizaciones globales promover la colaboración y la eficiencia en entornos de nube, móviles y locales. Siguiendo un desarrollo constante en el campo de la colaboración y la gestión documental, LogicalDOC gestiona varios miles de millones de documentos para cientos de clientes en todo el mundo, apoyándolos a todos en su trabajo diario.

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

5 star customer rating
Brian Wajerski

LogicalDOC was the obvious choice for my client. They required very little training moving between Outlook and LD as the interfaces are similar. My clients need for physical storage for mountains of printed documents has been significantly reduced and efficiency has gone up

Brian Wajerski
Network Adminstrator, Datum Consulting
Frank Manti

We have been using LogicalDOC for over a year. It is an effective and scalable document management system that has allowed people in a simple way to store, use and share files in the cloud. I am happy to recommend LogicalDOC.

Frank Manti
Group Commercial Manager, Cox Gomyl
Riccardo Volante

Logicaldoc is the solution we were looking to install a system of document storage easy and accessible. Also thanks to the many available webservices we had no difficulty to integrate with our systems and those of our clients.

Riccardo Volante
CTO, Sosel BC

Estamos entusiasmados de trabajar con USTED!

Estamos entusiasmados con la perspectiva de trabajar con su equipo para mejorar sus capacidades de colaboración y unirnos a sus colegas en sus esfuerzos continuos para mejorar la eficiencia de la empresa. Aquí en LogicalDOC continuaremos colaborando con usted y continuaremos innovando nuestros productos y servicios, haciéndolos más fáciles, funcionales y útiles para los usuarios cotidianos.

We transitioned from a standard windows share to LogicalDOC just over 2 years ago. Since it's inception it has proved to be a critical business application of all our solicitors and support staff. I would recommend LogicalDOC to organizations seeking reliable document management.

Faith Cheok
Principle at CCLSWA

We've been using LogicalDOC for several years now and we are very happy with the product. It’s a big step up from basic permissions on a network filesystem. Newer features such as folder synchronization, Dropbox and Google Docs integration helps keep pace with the needs of our users.

Jason Sutherland
IT Manager at Culver Company

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