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04 Junio 2024

Level up with LogicalDOC 8.9.2

LogicalDOC has just released its latest version, 8.9.2!

This update represents a significant step in our commitment to innovation and excellence. New features and surprising improvements elevate document management, enhancing the user experience and boosting operational efficiency. Let us see in detail some of the main improvements. 

Preview permissions implementation: increased control for administrators

LogicalDOC 8.9.2 has added new features to shape further the reading permissions that administrators can grant users. Until yesterday, with read permission, a user had access to the preview, which allowed viewing the document in read-only mode. Now, as an administrator, you have better options to define user reading permissions: you can enable a preview of the document to be read (without allowing the download), you can only allow verifying the presence of the file in the system, you can authorize the viewing of its metadata, but you do not have access to reading the document. This way, you have complete control over the accessibility of your documents.

Improvements in the construction of multisection forms

Have you ever had to build articulated forms with many fields, and would you like to separate them to make them easier to read? With the new version 8.9.2 of LogicalDOC, this is now possible. Fields that function as separators have been introduced. When the interface recognizes that field type, it automatically segments the form, making it easier to read. 

SAML Single Log Out Integration

LogicalDOC 8.9.2 has also implemented the Single log-out function for SAML. You now have the option to exit LogicalDOC and close all open sessions at the same time. This further implementation complements LogicalDOC's support for Saml 2.0 specifications. From today, full SAML compatibility! 

Customizable log levels

LogicalDoc has a careful log of events that helps an administrator understand how the system behaves and if errors occur. Thanks to this log, you can have complete control over what happens in your system. Usually, if you require a high level of detail, you produce very extensive and intricate log files, and the configuration of these logs requires very complex interventions. We have now introduced the possibility of visually configuring the various levels of logs in the administration of LogicalDOC. In practice, you can edit the log without logging in to the operating system running LogicalDOC. This function entails an immense simplification of the administrator's work when he wants to have more information about the system's operation. In LogicalDOC 8.9.2, the logging sector is highly developed simultaneously, allowing regular platform maintenance to be simple and extremely efficient. 

Ability to apply different digital stamps or filters in the same session

Until now, when you wanted to insert a stamp or digital signature, these were applied, and the document closed automatically. Now, you have the option to insert multiple signatures or stamps, selecting them from a menu, in the same document opening session. This improvement, in addition to saving time, avoids excessive versioning of documents when you have to attach multiple signatures or stamps.


In addition, several improvements have been made to the workflow section, allowing for even more accurate monitoring of task completion and event expiration. Now, all you have to do is try out all these new features. 
Version 8.9.2 of LogicalDOC is the result of careful listening to our user's needs and our desire to meet your requirements. We are convinced that this new version will bring new dynamism to your daily activities, and we can't wait for you to try it, too!
Thank you for choosing LogicalDOC and for your ongoing support. Your success is our greatest satisfaction!

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