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28 Febrero 2024

LogicalDOC Joomla Explorer 4.1.0

Once upon a time, there was LogicalDOC Joomla Explorer for Joomla! 3... but this is an old story!

Today, the entire LogicalDoc development team is pleased to be able to communicate the update of the LogicalDOC Joomla Explorer component for Joomla!4

Version 4.1.0 of this plugin allows you to migrate from Joomla! 3 to the new Joomla! 4 system easily, thus enabling you to benefit from all the potential of the new version. We remind you that thanks to the LogicalDOC Joomla Explorer components, it is possible to integrate Joomla with the LogicalDOC document management system, both in the community version and in the commercial editions.

To make the plugin update possible, the development group carefully checked the entire backend and frontend parts to guarantee perfect integration and correct functioning both on the server side and visibility on the user side.

In this way, it will be simple to expose one or more sections of LogicalDOC within Joomla, allowing the documents to be used in a controlled way, wherever they are, whether operating through an intranet or an extranet. Thanks to this plugin, it is possible to automatically publish LogicalDOC's contents on your website. It also provides users with a file manager that can be used directly from the browser. Joomla menus can be directly associated with LogicalDOC folders, and full-text searches can be performed on contents, file names, metadata, and even tags. Of course, all search results can be sorted. The most significant innovation of version 4.1.0 is found precisely in the search function, which allows you to refine the search parameters by exploiting a new field: size. It is possible to conduct the search only for files of a specific size, filtering only the desired results.

In version 4.1.0 of LogicalDOC Joomla Explorer, data formatting and times have also been improved.

Furthermore, LogicalDOC Joomla Explorer 4.1.0 is also compatible with Joomla! 5 without needing backward compatibility plugins!

The plugin was developed and tested on Joomla 4.4.2 against LogicalDOC 8.9 with PHP 8.1.25, and you can quickly test it against a LogicalDOC installed either locally or remotely.

For all information or curiosities, you can refer to the LogicalDOC site, consult the change log and download previous versions on, or check the component reviews in the extensions directory on the Joomla site.

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