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15 Febrero 2022

What exactly is file management software, and why do you need it in the first place?

File management software systems, often known as file tracking software or file managers, are used to organize and maintain data files.

Its powers are restricted, despite the fact that it is intended for the management of individual or group files, such as office papers, records, and other information. It gives the user the capacity to work with several files at the same time, creating, entering, changing, querying, and producing reports.

It's simplest to conceive of file management software as a component of your broader information management strategy that serves as an organizational component.

Your operating system maintains a hierarchical file system (directories contain files that are subdirectories beneath them), but your file management system allows you to organize data based on how files and folders are named, how nested folders are organized, and how the files contained within those folders are handled by the user. This thus makes it easier to search for and find files in the future.

The advantages of utilizing a file management software solution

The majority of the advantages you'll reap from using a file management system or file tracking software are dependent on your ability to access and organize your files. They are as follows:

  • Files should be organized so that they can be accessed quickly.
  • Searching for files is simple.
  • Storage and retrieval that is safer and more secure
  • Improved file tracking for the purposes of archiving and deleting files
  • The abolition of paper-based filing systems

What LogicalDOC can do to help you with your file management

LogicalDOC is a single business information platform that allows you to manage content, procedures, and cases all in one place. LogicalDOC changes companies across the world by enabling them to become more flexible, efficient, and successful. LogicalDOC provides enterprise document management (EDMS), case management, business process management (BPM), enterprise file sync and share, and capture all on a single platform.

It is common to discuss LogicalDOC's file tracking capabilities while discussing file management using the software package.

LogicalDOC allows you to save your electronic files on any network-discoverable file share – from Windows or Linux file servers to purpose-built storage devices – without having to install any additional software. Therefore, you won't have to invest in an expensive storage solution for your LogicalDOC system as a consequence of this feature.

For any file in your system, LogicalDOC allows you to keep an infinite number of live, online copies, which are accessible from anywhere. If you have any hardware or network issues that prevent access to your primary file servers from continuing, LogicalDOC will automatically fail over to secondary copies to guarantee that your business does not suffer any interruptions.

Read on to find out more about LogicalDOC's file storage and archiving solutions.

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