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30 Agosto 2021

6 reasons why good customer information management is essential

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is used by almost all companies. A CRM system may handle data on prospects, sales conversations, and proposals at the start of the customer journey. The system keeps track of information including contacts, contracts, renewal dates, and customer interactions after a prospective buyer becomes a client. When businesses adopt CRM software, they often neglect a critical issue: how to store and organize client documents associated with CRM transactions.

Sound document management techniques must be used in conjunction with effective customer information management. A document management plan is the first and most important step in successfully managing client data and, as a result, improving customer experience.

Why do you need document management software in addition to CRM software for your company?

  1. Much of the critical client information is difficult to obtain without document management. CRM software is designed to deal with structured data such business names and addresses, order numbers, and support problems and their resolution. These data allow you to organize information and keep track of all the actions you've done or are planning to do, but they're useless without a connection to the documentation you've created for these clients. Customer management is effective when data is combined with information from relevant documents like as proposals, contracts, letters, and emails, which give context for the data.

  2. A crucial aspect of the customer experience is the speed with which sales and customer care personnel react to client queries. The quality of the service offered degrades when there is no full history of client data and supporting documentation in a single database. Staff replies may be delayed, and client queries may get partial answers. Follow-up is considerably quicker and more efficient with document management since all authorized team members have access to the information they need at any time. Duplicate data input is also eliminated when your CRM and document management systems are integrated. Information may be input just once and then shared with others.

Learn how to connect LogicalDOC to your CRM.

  1. Customers may communicate with your company via a variety of channels and expect to get the same quality of service whether they contact you through email, a web form, a chatbot, or a mobile device. Customers are irritated by delays caused by unconnected information distributed across different platforms. Consider the last time you called a business and were passed around from department to department before your issue was addressed. Furthermore, information that is dispersed and difficult to locate may indicate security issues within your company.

  2. Poor customer information management is putting a lot of money on the table. On the agenda is information on privacy and security issues. Furthermore, the federal and state governments are stepping into the battle with new customer data privacy rules. Without document management, dealing with these new and frequently contradictory standards is dangerous, if not impossible.
  3. Customers may immediately express their displeasure with your service through social media and industry review sites if they are unhappy with it. Businesses that fail to fulfill consumer expectations are just a tweet or review away from losing their reputation and having a direct effect on their bottom line.

“While we're on the subject of reviews, did you know that LogicalDOC was just named a TOP PERFORMER in its SourceForge category?! The article may be found here.

  1. The amount and diversity of consumer data is growing all the time. According to IDC's estimate, the quantity of data produced between 2020 and 2024 would surpass the amount created in the previous 30 years. When will you start developing a plan to handle this growth if you don't start now?

Integration may be straightforward and pay off handsomely.

DMS CRM integrationA document management solution provides quick access to information straight from your CRM system while adhering to strict data security standards. This is significant because evaluating the whole customer experience, from prospect identification through purchase, fulfillment, and retention, necessitates the availability of essential customer information across processes.

For these procedures, important documents and information must be accessible and available, as well as maintained in a coordinated and organized manner. This is the strong link that document management and CRM integration provides.

LogicalDOC provides a robust SOAP and REST API for integrating document management into your application or a third-party system.

LogicalDOC is free to try, and you can learn how to connect it with your CRM.


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